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Sewing Projects

two sides of a pencil case with hearts and leopard embroideries
How to sew a pencil case Sewing Projects

How to sew a pencil case

In this article, I explain you how to sew a very simple pencil case. This project is a good opportunity for a beginner to sew a zipper. If you have never done it, you will see that it is not so difficult. Maybe you are like me and you love to collect pens, pencils and brushes. If so, then you never have enough pencil cases! To make your pencil case you will only need a piece of fabric measuring 9…
September 7, 2022
two embroidered tote bags
How to sew a tote bag Sewing Projects

How to sew a tote bag

In this post you will learn how to sew your own tote bag. This project is beginner-friendly as it only has straight lines to stitch. It's also is a good way to upcycle medium to thick cloth. Moreover this kind of reusable bag is highly customizable. The decoration techniques are endless. It can be an idea for a fun DIY workshop with family or friends. I keep a sweet memory of a DIY afternoon with my daughter. We had a…
July 27, 2022
fabric envelope back and front
How to sew a gift envelope – free PDF sewing pattern Sewing Projects

How to sew a gift envelope – free PDF sewing pattern

For a few years I have been trying to reduce my waste. When I choose a gift for friends or family, I also strive to make it as sustainable as possible. I like to offer non-material gifts, but I love to create things with my hands too. So, one solution I found is to make a homemade reusable gift wrap containing an experience gift. It can be a concert ticket, a voucher for a dinner at the restaurant, or a…
February 17, 2022